The VIOLET SmartSwitch Lite Smart Home Control Panel

SmartSwitch Lite is a smart home control panel that combines your lighting and audio control into one simple control point as both a smart light system and combined smart audio system. The whole family can easily get the right light and sound setting without a phone, app or training.

Replace Your Existing Switch

SmartSwitch Lite directly replaces a UK or European single light switch with no rewiring required.

Easy On-Screen Setup

There's no additional app required to get our smart wall switch working. Just a few simple taps on the screen and it's all set up.

Wi-Fi Compatible

SmartSwitch Lite communicates via Wi-Fi to your other smart home devices meaning it is fast and reliable.

Quick Light Scene Activation

There is a scene for every mood, no matter how quickly it changes. SmartSwitch Lite is a smart lighting system that gives you quick and convenient access to your light scenes. No more phone-fumbling, button-bashing, or dimmer-dialling. Just wake the screen and tap a scene.

With VIOLET’s home automation light switch, you can set different scenes such as ‘Reading’ for when you want to relax on the sofa with your favourite book; a dimmed scene to create a cosy atmosphere at the end of the day; a light setting that will help you to focus on whatever you’re doing at the moment; and so much more. You don’t need to tweak features or change settings anytime you want a specific type of lighting in your home. SmartSwitch Lite is a smart home lighting system that allows you to immediately create the mood you’re looking for at the touch of a button. See for yourself!

Simple Audio Control

Adjust the tunes as simply as the lights. The whole family and visitors can intuitively get the sound system or smart speaker going or easily stop it to take that call or as you’re on the way out the door. VIOLET’s SmartSwitch Lite is a brilliant way to control the lighting in your home, but it’s not the only benefit you get when you choose this smart wall switch. You can also easily control sound with a few touches, filling the rooms with your favourite music in only a few seconds, as you’d expect from a smart home control panel. Future-proof your home with a smart audio control panel that stops you from having to turn the radio on or fumble with the buttons on your speakers. VIOLET’s smart audio control system means you always have some rhythm in your day. You can also rest assured that VIOLET’s home automation control panel is easy to use.
Smart home control panel below-side wall mounted closeup showing audio screen

Convenience and Speed

SmartSwitch Lite combines your lighting and audio control into one simple control point. The whole family can easily get the right light and sound setting without a phone, an app or even training.

Rapid Response Control

The smart light system constantly checks it's health and status so that when you want something to happen, it happens quickly.

Standby Screen Actions

Hold the screen in standby to turn the lights on or off. Double tap to play or pause audio. Standby screen actions mean you don't even need to look.

Remote Software Updates

As VIOLET add features, our home automation control panel updates remotely so you always have the latest features and security patches.

Watch SmartSwitch Lite In Action

How Does It Work?

SmartSwitch Lite provides simple control of your smart bulbs and audio systems. As a smart home control panel, it replaces your traditional light switch and then communicates with other smart devices over Wi-Fi, making it a combined smart light system and smart audio system. By utilising your existing wiring to power it, this smart wall switch is a direct replacement for a UK or European light switch.

SmartSwitch Lite requires a neutral, but wait…that’s much easier than people think using our ingenious wiring tweak which does not require rewiring.

Smart home control panel render exploded bottom showing smart light system control screen and UK back box

Simple, Fast Control

We know that when you enter a room you just want to get the music and lights how you want them as quickly as possible. That’s why we have focussed on the actions you need to make those quick changes.

Configurable Scenes Screen

The scenes screen presents the on/off button for the room and then up to seven other Hue scenes selected from the interface.

Simple Audio Screen

The audio screen presents the controls you need most. Select a zone, pick a favourite, and control the transport and volume with a tap.

Standby Screen Actions

No need to even wake the screen. Hold it for just a split second and the lights in the room toggle. Or double tap the standby screen to play or pause audio.

Weather & Time

The addition of the current weather and time display gives you information at a glance.

Wake With A Tap

For a bit more control, tap the screen to wake it and use the intuitive interface. Even if users don't know about the standby actions, they will intuitively get the lights on quickly.

Responsive Control

The home automation control panel constantly checks the status and health of the rest of your system so that when you issue a command, it happens quickly.

More Features to Come

Remote software updates mean that features VIOLET add in the future can be remotely sent to your SmartSwitch.

Stylish living room with leather sofas with detailed cushions and a gold table-mounted lamp as the focus

Works With

SmartSwitch Lite currently works with Philips Hue bulbs for its smart light system control and Sonos audio systems as a smart audio control panel. We are working on more integrations to give you more features. Remote updates means you always have the latest features. Looking for a domestic lighting control system that will integrate with your lights and audio systems? Look no further. Keep reading for more information on VIOLET’s smart home switch and to learn more about how your home can benefit from VIOLET’s state-of-the-art home automation control panel.


There are many benefits to replacing your light switches with a smart light system. Not only are they a key element of the modern smart home, but you can also:

  • Program your lights to match your daily routine – The touchscreen light switch is placed in the most convenient place so that you can turn the lights on/off at will, trigger different lighting scenes or toggle audio.

  • Have a wireless lighting control system that matches your contemporary décor – VIOLET’s SmartSwitch is modern and sleek, offering the perfect aesthetic to any contemporary home.

  • Integrate your smart home technology with other devices and apps – Being able to control light and sound with a few quick taps is convenient and time-saving.

  • Create a more efficient home – If you’re looking to create a smart home, then a boring light switch won’t do. A smart lighting control panel, on the other hand, comes with many features that will make you feel like you’re living in the future with the simplicity of today.

  • Save energy and money by dimming the lights – Whether you want to cut down the bills at the end of the month or are looking to become eco-friendlier (or both), VIOLET’s smart wall light switch has got you covered. The dimming control features function as a smart light system and are great to set the atmosphere and to save electricity, so try it today and see the difference for yourself.

Premium Quality Without The Price Tag

Traditional smart home systems can cost £10,000’s or more per room, not to mention the complexities and specialist programming involved.

On-wall touch panels from the big smart home manufacturers can cost upwards of £1,000 a pop.

A premium quality smart home control panel doesn’t need to carry that price tag.

Intelligence in every space.


Input RatingInput Rating

100 – 240V~AC 50/60Hz

Input current maxInput current max


Power consumption standbyPower consumption standby



Parallel (neutral required)



Wi-fi Wi-fi

2.4GHz 802.11bgn (Wi-Fi 4)


Width: 86mm

Height: 86mm

Depth on wall: 12mm


For indoor use only

Back box (variant dependent)Back box (variant dependent)

Single gang UK Square 71mm x 71mm (SSL-01-UK)

Single gang EU Round 71mm x 71mm (SSL-01-EU)

Back box depthBack box depth

SSL-01-UK – 47mm (35mm in some scenarios)

SSL-01-EU – 35mm (25mm in some scenarios)

  • Violet SmartSwitch Lite render exploded side with scenes screen and both euro and UK back box

    SmartSwitch Lite