Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our most commonly asked questions to learn more about Violet’s SmartSwitch Lite and the benefits it offers. Get in touch for more information.

How Do Smart Switches Work?

Smart light switches replace a traditional switch to provide control over lighting and sound in the home

What Are the Advantages of a Smart Switch Over a Traditional Switch?

There are many benefits of installing a smart light switch in your home, including:

  • Easily control the lights and sound with a simple tap on the screen.

  • Control the colour temperature of the lights to fit your mood or preference.

  • A more efficient and convenient home, whether you place the switch in the living room or at the entrance to your home.

  • Save energy with the dimming functions.

  • Quickly change lighting scenes at will, such as ‘Read’ and ‘Nightlight’.

For more information on what you get when you purchase a SmartSwitch Lite for your home, speak to us.

Can the SmartSwitch Lite Control Non-Smart Bulbs?

Currently, Violet’s smart switch can only control your lights via a Hue Bridge, but any types of zigbee light that work with the Philips Hue Bridge, be they smart bulbs or otherwise, can be controlled.

How Long Does It Take to Power Up the Switch?

The SmartSwitch Lite boots up automatically without any actions required when power is applied and will then load into the Scenes screen. SmartSwitch is designed to be always on but with the screen in standby so it is always ready to respond to your input without disturbing you until you’re ready.

What If the Smart Switch Doesn’t Fit in the Back Box?

Because of the way some types of UK back box are made, it can be difficult to insert the SmartSwitch Lite into the box – however, this doesn’t mean you can’t install Violet’s product. Trimming any unnecessary protrusions will help you to install the switch without compromising its quality.

Which Features Do You Get with the SmartSwitch Lite?

If you’re looking for a smart home automation system, then you’ll be glad to know that the SmartSwitch Lite will provide you with complete control over your lighting and audio systems.

It offers a range of features, including light scenes, which let you quickly choose a predetermined light setting simply by waking and tapping the screen.

You can also easily dim your lights, which is an eco-friendlier option for your home.

Do You Need an Internet Connection?

In order to use Violet’s smart switch, you need Wi-Fi to control your lights and sound, so whilst you don’t need an internet connection itself, you still need Wi-Fi.

Will the SmartSwitch Lite Also Turn the Lights On and Off?

Yes. Violet’s product is, first and foremost, a light switch, so you can easily toggle the lights on and off at will. The QuickTap feature means you can toggle the lights without having to wake up the smart home control panel. As long as your lights can be controlled from a Philips Hue Bridge, then this feature will work for you.

Is the SmartSwitch Easy to Use?

Because Violet understand that convenience is crucial for everyone, we ensure that Violet’s smart light switch is easy to use and customise. This allows everyone, even those who have never had a smart switch before, to easily start using it – and make the most of all the features on offer!

Do You have Trade Accounts?

At the moment, Violet don’t have a reseller program but, if you’re interested, please let us know by emailing us at dealer@violet-ultra.co.uk.

Where Can I Reach You?

If you’d like to learn more about Violet’s product, how to install it or its many features, fill out Violet’s online form to send us a message or leave your email with us to receive Violet’s monthly newsletter to stay up to date with Violet’s news, including future integrations.